Here are a few pictures from my home for you to enjoy. I just wish I had a better camera!!
 My hoosier cabinet. 
 One of my hooked rugs hanging on an ironing board.
 Another ironing board that I painted.
 My secretary desk. See the old postage scale in left cubby hole?
 Hooked rug "Saltbox Valley"
Indian Corn hooked rug above toilet.

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  1. My wife bought a wood cook stove almost identical to the one you have pictured. About the only difference I see is that hers has a "shaker" handle between the two doors on the left front side. Hers has a plate on the left side with "SYNDER FUNITURE CO K841RPT Winston Salem, NC".

    Hers has Light green and white porcelain exterior doors, feet, etc and even has the porcelain water door on the right shape just like yours.

    Question: We have been trying to find out what company manufactured her stove as it is apparent that Snyder Furniture placed their named on the stove. Do you know who made your stove?

    G Baucom My Email is

    PS Yours is such a lovely stove!!! Thanks for sharing yours!!!