Eye Candy


This cookstove was my Great-Grandmother's. She cooked on it and my mom did also. I have yet to hook it up so I can use it. I remember my mother baking homemade bread in it! Mmmmm...the house smelled so good!

My mom's old treadle sewing machine, small benches I painted and stacked on top.

Cabinet goodies. 

I love old crocks, need to get more. I think I only paid $5-$10 for these because they were cracked. Who says things have to be perfect?? None of us are!!

This isn't terribly great, but wanted to show you this small shelf I made. It was originally just the bottom part (the part with the heart-which I did not make). So I added the top part. It is in the boy's bathroom.

Here's a before and after (sort of). These are antique printers trays (used to store their rubber stamps in). I have two of these, both as you can see are the same. Someone had written letters inside the squares. So, I took one of them and painted the insides of each square black. Then I added small trinkets and glued vintage ads inside. These make such great shadowboxes and look nice and prim!! Here are some more closeups:

Still room to add some more stuff! Here I used a couple of printer's stamps, old scrabble tiles, wooden spools of thread and old buttons.

Vintage labels printed out from my computer, my baby spoon....

Skeleton keys, old tickets, and my little sheep (he always looked lost on a big shelf, now he has just the right amount of room!)


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