I thought I'd post some makeover before and after pics. Please be sure to tell me what you think!

This was an old metal bread box. I spray painted it black inside and out and then painted the prim scene on the front.

Another bread box. You can't tell by looking at the pic, but the door was warped. I also didn't like the engraving. So here's what I did with it:

I took the old door off. Then I made a frame door with chicken wire insert. Painted the piece white and distressed it. Much better, don't you think???

This piece is currently for sale. Go to :

This was a yard sale find. An ugly cabinet for $5.00. Poor thing needed a makeover! No problem!

First things first: gave it a good coat of black paint inside and out. Now to tackle that ugly top!

I was given some tiles from a building project...just the pieces that were cut for corners, etc. I took them and busted them up into little pieces. Then I used tile glue to attach to the top and then grouted it. Much better!

Here it is all primmed up. This was an old picture. I have since moved the cabinet to my living room. Anyway, I wanted to point out the walls in the background. The bottom half was where I painted the walls to look like it had barn wood on it. I used a wood-graining painting tool to paint it on. I have repainted the walls since then. It is now a beige color.

I bought 4 chairs at a yard sale. $10 for all 4 of them. They all looked like this, with busted seats. I have only made over one of them so far. But as you can see, I took the back off. They I tore apart the seat and used the front edge to make a shelf on the chair back. Then I crackle painted it. 
So now it is a chair back towel rack with a shelf!! Like it??

This piece is currently for sale. Go to :

Here's another one I did. I am keeping it for myself! I love the area where I painted the picture and I love the details in the wood working at the top!

Numbers chair. A chair I painted black, distressed, then added numbers to the seat and top! If this one doesn't sell soon, I think I will have to keep it! Wouldn't that be a shame??!!?? :)

This piece is currently for sale. Go to :

This was a good will find. I almost bought it. Decided not to. Came back another day. Almost bought it, decided not to. Then went ahead and bought it. I didn't pay much for it. Maybe $2 - $3. So the problem was that missing drawer. I simply took the other top drawer out. I made a cover out of a thin piece of wood and glued it in place with wood glue. Then I painted the piece to look like a spice cabinet.
I had this piece for sale for a little while, then decided to keep it. I do that a LOT! Lol!

So I hope you enjoyed these makeovers! Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you thought!
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